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The Push for Marriage Equality in Taiwan

As a decade-long campaign for marriage equality nears its conclusion, the Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association’s Jennifer Lu explains the context and the significance of the decision now facing the people of Taiwan.

Q&A: The Fight to Save Net Neutrality

With net neutrality protections up for review, Gigi Sohn—an Open Society Leadership in Government Fellow and former counselor to the FCC chairman—speaks about the road ahead for advocates of a free internet.

In Remembrance of Wiktor Osiatyński

Wiktor Osiatyński, a cherished member of the Open Society family, recently passed away. These are the remarks Osiatyński's longtime friend and Open Society Foundations founder George Soros Soros delivered at his funeral.

Open Society Foundations in Macedonia

For 25 years, the Open Society Foundations have been working to support the the development of a stable and prosperous democracy in Macedonia.