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حركة عالمية للعمال المنزليين

على الرغم من دورهم الأساسي المتزايد في الاقتصاد العالمي ، لا يزال العمال المنزليون في العديد من البلدان عرضةً للاستغلال وسوء المعاملة بصورة صادمة. لحسن الحظ ، فإن الحركة العالمية التي يقودها العمال تضغط من أجل التغيير. English

Q&A: Fighting for Workers’ Right to Data

Using the EU’s landmark General Data Protection Regulations, James Farrar, founder of Worker Info Exchange, is fighting to ensure that Uber drivers have the data they need to ensure they’re being treated fairly.

For a Better Future, Sudan Must Confront Its Past

With Omar al-Bashir no longer in power, the temptation to move beyond his regime’s crimes is understandable. But unless Sudan grapples with its past, it risks trading one corrupt dictatorship for another.

Reframing the Blame for the War on Drugs

The war on drugs is better understood as a war on people. To stop this useless and unjust destruction, we must change how we think—and talk—about people who use drugs.

Refocusing the EU

In the lead up to the Sibiu Summit, where European leaders will meet on May 9 to discuss the future of Europe, this event aims to refocus the debate on issues that truly matter.

The Complicated Legacy of Indonesia’s Elections

Voter turnout for Indonesia’s 2019 general elections was higher than ever. But so was the use of rhetoric dividing voters along lines of ethnicity and religion. Can the country avoid the “illiberal democracy” trap?