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Ripples of Hope in the Fight Against Hate

The United States is stronger when it shares messages of inclusion, and when people of all backgrounds are welcome in their own communities and treated with respect and dignity.

The Deep Roots of the U.S. Ban on Trans Soldiers

A proposal to exclude trans people from the U.S. military was greeted with widespread disapproval. But a new report reveals how often hatred of trans and gender-nonconforming people is not only tolerated, but encouraged.

Die Open Society Foundations und George Soros

Die Open Society Foundations wurden von George Soros gegründet, einem der weltweit meist engagierten Philanthropen, der seit 1984 14 Milliarden $ seines in den Finanzmärkten gemachten, persönlichen Vermögens gespendet hat. EnglishEspañolItalianoFrançaisMagyarРусский


Фонды Открытого общества были основаны Джорджем Соросом, одним из передовых филантропов в мире, который с 1984 года пожертвовал $14 миллиардов личного состояния, заработанного на финансовых рынках.EnglishEspañolItalianoFrançaisMagyarDeutsch

The War on Drugs Is Holding Science Back

The Schedule 1 drug law classification used by the United Kingdom and the United States slows scientific knowledge and human progress in the name of a discredited approach to regulating drugs.

Ending Latin America’s Crisis of Avoidable Pain

Decades of failed drug policies have turned many patients in Latin America into collateral damage. States must do more to ensure people can get the palliative care they need.

Q&A: Journalism and the Crisis in Venezuela

Investigative journalist and cofounder Ewald Scharfenberg discusses the importance of holding governments accountable—especially during times of instability.

Foundations Announce 2017 Soros Justice Fellows

The Open Society Foundations will award $1.7 million to support people who seek to challenge long-standing assumptions underlying the U.S. criminal justice system.

Giving Trans Activism the Support It Deserves

The International Trans Fund is a new participatory initiative to bring resources to grassroots activists for trans people’s rights—and to make sure that the movement for trans rights is being led by trans people themselves.

The Children of Northern Ireland Should Grow Up Together

For too long, Northern Ireland’s education system has encouraged a divided society. But a new initiative from the Integrated Education Fund is helping parents work together to build a peaceful future for their children.

Central Asia at History’s Crossroads

Central Asia’s long history of foreign and domestic repression is well known. Less appreciated, but just as important, is the on-the-ground progress happening across the region every day by civil society activists.