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How Civil Society Can Best Support Inclusive Education

Throughout Central Asia and Eastern Europe, parents of children with disabilities are struggling against bureaucracy, ignorance, and neglect. To fix this, civil society must build more spaces for advocacy and collaboration.

How to Ensure That Women and Girls Count in Government Budgets

When women are underrepresented in policymaking, the result can be seemingly neutral decisions which have a disproportionate—and negative—influence on women and girls. A new way of thinking about budgets may offer a solution.

Towards Elections with Integrity

Election observation is a vital tool for maintaining democracy, yet only a small proportion of elections lead to significant political change. Here’s how the EU can make its election observation missions more effective.

Q&A: A New Law in Chile Recognizes Transgender People

Recently, the National Congress of Chile passed a law to guarantee the rights of transgender people to change their name and gender in official records. The reverberations could affect the whole region. Español

How International Justice Can Go Local

Over 30 national and regional initiatives have been launched to prosecute mass atrocity crimes since the early 1990s. A comprehensive new survey looks at the lessons learned.

Una Nueva Ley en Chile Reconoce a Las Personas Transgénero

El Congreso Nacional de Chile aprobó una ley para garantizar los derechos de las personas transgénero a cambiar su nombre y género en los registros oficiales. Las reverberaciones podrían afectar a toda la región. English

A New Ambassador Offers a Chance to Start Again

U.S. Ambassador Donald Lu arrives in Kyrgyzstan at an unusual and precarious moment. But before he can get to work in support of Kyrgyzstan's drive to strengthen the rule of law, he'll need to address a lingering issue.

The Open Society Foundations in Kyrgyzstan

The Soros Foundation–Kyrgyzstan was established in 1993, just a year after Kyrgyzstanemerged as an independent state from the collapse of the Soviet Union.

What Is “Open Access”?

This alternative publishing model brings the results of scholarly research to unprecedented numbers of scientists, patients, inventors, academics, and others.

Opening Reception for Moving Walls 25: Another Way Home

Moving Walls 25: Another Way Home brings together eight projects led by 13 visionary artists, journalists, and creative technologists dedicated to re-envisioning the topic of migration through documentary practice.