Open Foundation

The Real Causes of (and Solutions to) Drug Use and Addiction

Johann Hari, best-selling author of Chasing the Scream, speaks with Human Rights Watch’s Jasmine Tyler about the causes of drug use and drug dependency, and what they can tell us about solutions to the drug overdose crisis.

Sex Workers’ Untold Stories

Organized by sex workers, a new Berlin-based exhibition uses found objects to present a more nuanced vision of what sex work really is.

Challenging German Support for U.S. Drone Strikes

On Wednesday, March 13, an administrative appeals court in Northern Germany will review a legal challenge filed by a Somali herdsman whose innocent father was killed in a U.S. drone strike.

Why the European Parliament Elections Matter

With European politics still in turmoil, roughly 450 million EU voters have the chance to vote for candidates who support the rule of law, nondiscrimination, and democracy.

Q&A: Fearless Theater in Kosovo

With their latest production, an ambitious theater troupe is challenging homophobia, facing down death threats, and changing minds.

Open Society Foundations Condemn Bogus Turkish Indictments

Turkey’s decision to bring criminal charges against the former head of Open Society’s local Turkish foundation and others signals an intensification of Ankara’s campaign against independent civil society groups.