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Putting Rio de Janeiro’s Maré on the Map

For decades, Maré, Rio de Janeiro’s largest favela, was impossible to find on a map. But thanks in part to a local development association, its residents aren’t invisible anymore—and are ready to defend their human rights.

Strategic Litigation Impacts: Torture in Custody

This study looks at how activists in Argentina, Kenya, and Turkey have sought to use the courts to secure remedies for torture victims and survivors, bring those responsible to justice, and enforce and strengthen the law.

Q&A: Looking for Answers on Police Killings

According to a new study from Harvard, there is scant publicly available data on how many people are killed by police. What is there, however, is worrying—which is all the more reason why more data and research is needed.

Incitement on Trial: Prosecuting International Speech Crimes

Richard Ashby Wilson joins a panel of legal experts to discuss his new book, which explores how hate-filled media campaigns can fuel mass atrocities, and whether international law can hold those responsible to account.

Why Dirty Money Is a Feminist Issue

Their connection to feminism may not be obvious, but issues such as tax evasion and money laundering are ultimately about women’s rights. Because when austerity and inequality combine, it’s women and girls who suffer.