Open Foundation

Industrialización de la coca

Un nuevo reporte muestra cómo un movimiento social en Colombia, tras décadas de destrucción, está superando la fallida "guerra contra las drogas" y generando nuevas estrategias para fortalecer la paz y prosperidad del país. English

Fighting Anti-Roma Hate, One Story at a Time

One Ukraine community’s response to an anti-Roma group offers a heartening example to all those who are trying to fight bigotry with compassion, dialogue, and understanding.

The Open Society Foundations in Hungary

The Open Society Foundations have been working in Hungary since 1984, when its founder George Soros set up the Hungarian Soros Foundation. Magyar

Refiguring the Future—A NetGain Event

What will artificial intelligence do to our world? A dynamic discussion of how artists intersect with science and technology—and the diverse and creative ways they can help us understand and shape our tomorrows.