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The Molina Theissen Trial in the Courts of Guatemala

Background information on the trial of former senior Guatemalan military officers over crimes against humanity allegedly committed against members of the Molina Theissen family in 1981.

Q&A: Defending Europeans’ Right to Protest

Research in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans has confirmed what many people in the region know already: too many governments are using bureaucratic tricks—and brute force—to restrict the basic right to free speech.

Open Society Foundations Support Campaign on Brexit

The Foundations made grants to organizations researching the consequences of Brexit, informing the public about its impact, and advocating for British adherence to the European Convention on Human Rights and EU membership.

Q&A: European Roma’s Path to Equality

Europe’s largest ethnic minority is still weighed down by prejudice and misunderstanding. By using a multifaceted strategy of litigation, public education, and direct advocacy, the Roma are changing their position.

The Open Society Foundations in Armenia

The Open Society Foundations–Armenia opened its doors in 1997. Today, it continues to work for justice, accountability, and transparency.

La présence russe en France dépasse celle de Russia Today

Au-delà des débats autour d’une version française de Russia Today sur nos écrans, il est crucial de rappeler que la présence russe en France est non seulement historique mais aussi politique, culturelle et économique. English

Why Latin America Is a Hotbed of Political Innovation

After years of authoritarian rule in many countries, a wave of political engagement is sweeping across Latin America, transforming the region into a seemingly bottomless reservoir of new ideas for modernizing democracy.

How Access to Justice Helps in the Fight Against Poverty

The UN Sustainable Development Goals identify the link between providing access to justice and tackling poverty. Civil society groups must help bridge the gap between these two areas of focus, and governments must act.

Drugs and the Darknet: Challenges and Opportunities

Join the Open Society Foundations for a conversation about how darknet markets, or “cryptomarkets,” are changing the way that people buy, sell, use, and make drugs around the world.

Helping Teachers Create More Inclusive Classrooms

Although the inclusive education movement has more supporters than ever, turning theory into practice can be the hardest part. A new initiative seeks to help teachers by giving them practical advice.

Russia’s Presence in France Goes Deeper Than RT

While questions about the proper role of Russian state-backed media in France are important, the longstanding historical, cultural, and political links between the two countries are being overlooked.

Five Steps the EU Must Take to Protect Civil Society

With attacks on the public space unfurling across the European Union, it is essential that the EU take swift and decisive action to protect the foundational values and institutions that undergird democracy.