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2020-04-17 21:12
NEW YORK—The Open Society Foundations will give more than $130 million to combat the ravages of COVID-19 around the globe, with a focus on providing immediate relief for vulnerable communities and pushing back against government encroachment on political freedoms.
2018-04-05 20:08
      Tirana, 05.04.2018 Public Statement
2016-11-04 10:43
Open Society Foundation for Albania announces call for participant selection for the Workshop: SDG-4Education 2030 Agenda’s Measurement Challenges: Learning Outcomes and Educational Equality - Devising a national indicator framework to better recognise local context and differences within countries, the case of PISA
2016-09-06 10:49
SHKOLLA VERORE EUROPIANE 26-30 Shtator 2016 EN Vendi: Kryesia e Kuvendit