Launching the European Integration School 2022

It took the Council of the European Union three long years until July 19, 2022 to come around to the idea of starting negotiations of accession with Albania, and finally… habemus negotiations. This means a reason to celebrate, but at the same time it means that this next phase for Albania will get as technical and complex as harmonizing national legislation with the EU’s body of law can get.

The long wait for the first intergovernmental meeting, thus de facto kicking off the negotiations, did not keep the Open Society Foundation for Albania from continuing preparations. On the contrary, along with the partners from Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung in Tirana (FES) and the European Union Delegation to Albania, they have supported the Parliament of Albania and the National Council of European Integration (NCEI) to organize the European School of Integration 2022. The school, in the seventh year of partnership and support, is dedicated precisely to building capacities on the technical process of negotiations, which will be multidimensional and will require a massive common effort from all public stakeholders involved.

The main goal for organizing the School of European Integration is to advance the preparations towards the new challenges arising during the process and ensure inclusion when implementing the required reforms on the path to EU accession. Therefore, experts and officials from the public institutions, civil society organizations and other stakeholders will receive in-depth training on various aspects of the negotiation process, including negotiation structure (special focus on Chapter 23), role of the institutions and civil society and media, expectations and lessons learned from the experience of the forerunner countries in the process. Building capacities is of outmost importance to face the heavy burden and sharp challenges emerging from negotiating the chapters of EU acquis and adopting the EU body of law in the national legislation. Everyone’s contribution from institutional and civic actors will be needed.

The chosen lectors are important names in the field of European Integration, representatives from the EU Commission, connoisseurs of the Western Balkans region and experts of integration processes. The training curriculum is also customized to the developing needs of Albania in the process and to build capacities among the heterogeneous audience of 40 people. In addition, this year various round tables will be organized with the alumni of the European School of Integration who attended over the years, and other important institutional actors in the process, with the aim of promoting dialogue and representation in accession talks.

Participants at the European Integration School this year will undergo an intensive program in five days, from 24 to 28 of October 2022, in the premises of the Assembly Offices and the Europe House in Tirana.

To learn more about the Call for Applications for the European Integration School 2022 click here. For more information on the sixth edition of the European Integration School organized in 2021 click here.