EU 4 Inclusive Teaching - Programi i trajnimeve në DRAP Korçë

17 May 2023

The training programme of the #EU4InclusiveTeaching project has reached a major milestone! We are thrilled to announce that the fifth and sixth cohorts have successfully concluded their second session of in-person training, bringing them one step closer to becoming certified Trainers for Inclusive Competence-based Teaching! 

Since April, the dedicated participants from DRAP Korçë have embarked on an incredible journey of professional development, acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to foster inclusiveness in Albanian classrooms. They have been immersed in a comprehensive curriculum designed to enhance their teaching practices and empower them to create inclusive learning environments that cater to the diverse needs of their students.

We are particularly proud to have partnered with a team of exceptional Finnish experts who have been instrumental in delivering state-of-the-art training.  Their invaluable expertise has enriched the learning experience, equipping our participants with cutting-edge strategies and approaches to inclusive competence-based teaching. 

As we approach the Final Seminar, we want to express our deepest appreciation to both cohorts, trainers, and experts for their dedication and commitment to this important initiative.  The impact they are already making on the Albanian education system is truly remarkable.

The Final Seminar promises to be an unforgettable event where the participants will showcase their newly acquired knowledge and skills. It will be a moment of pride and celebration as they officially become certified Trainers for Inclusive Competence-based Teaching, poised to inspire and empower their fellow educators. 

Stay tuned to see more of their outstanding achievements in the future! Together, we are shaping a future where every student can thrive!