Publication “30 Years Open Society and its Friends” 1991–2021

06 December 2021

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The national foundations in the region have published together a book titled “30 Years: Open Society & Its Friends” to mark the 30th anniversary of the presence and work of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) in the Balkans. The book has been produced as part of the 30 Years initiative, a regional cooperation effort marking these three decades.

The 30 Years Initiative has provided perspective on three decades, 1991–2021, of the presence and work of the OSF in the Balkans. It has examined how the unique philanthropic efforts of George Soros, his open society ideas and philosophy persevered during the stormy recent history of the region and how that work is still a moving force, alive and active.

The 30 Years Initiative consisted in two complementary components: i) Virtual Momentum – a virtual tour of seven presentations/discussions on the region, each of which offered a particular perspective on the 30 years; and ii) The publication: 30 Years: Open Society and Its Friends. 
Taken together, the two parts of the initiative offer an excellent and significant opportunity to look at the region and its many challenges, accomplishments, difficulties, failures, political and social circumstances – its past, present and future.

Edited by Boro Kontić and Beka Vučo, this publication includes a historical overview of OSF's work in the region since 1991, as well as essays and critical contributions from some of the region's leading thinkers. For more information download the publication in English language.