Call for Expression of Interest - Design and development of EU 4 Inclusive Teaching project website


EU 4 Inclusive Teaching project implemented by Open Society Foundation Albania in partnership with Tampere University of Applied Sciences (Finland), funded by European Union aims to improve the quality and inclusion in pre university education by supporting the completion of pre-university curriculum reform through the strengthening of teacher in service training effectiveness with a particular focus on competence-based learning and inclusion. Improving learning outcomes of Albanian students and closing the gap between students belonging to different socio-economic categories is crucial for both social cohesion and sustainable development of the country. Therefore, equipping teachers with necessary competencies and skills to build a motivating and inclusive learning environment is the key to advance such priority.

According to indirect management procedures, the General Directorate for Financing and Contracting of EU, World Bank and Other Donor Funds/Central Financing and Contracting Unit (CFCU) under the Ministry of Finance and Economy is the Contracting Authority for this project. The project is implemented in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Sports.

Main objectives of the project:

  • Objective 1. Review and update the professional development curriculum for in-service teachers based on the new key competency-based curriculum in pre-university education.
  • Objective 2. A minimum of 320 highly motivated teachers identified by AQAPE undergo a ToT programme of 22 training days (132 training hours) in line with and supporting the training for 15,000 teachers.
  • Objective 3. A better working environment for school psychologists and social workers. A feasible and relevant blueprint to be used from public institutions in the future to enable a more effective working environment for school psychologists and social workers.
  • Objective 4. Transformation of two special schools in Tirana into resource/excellence centres.


Purpose of the Call

This call is targeting potential private companies providing services of Design and developing of websites. Project website will ensure that the targeted audiences and the broad public is well-informed on the objectives, activities and results of this Project.

Expected outputs to be achieved 

  • Development a concept idea of the website of the Project aiming at better informing the public on the objectives, activities and results of the Project
  • Design and develop the website according to the required technical specifications of the Project enlisted below:
    • A webpage with header featuring the logos, footer featuring disclaimer/info and six sub-pages including: About Us, News&Events, Testimonials, Photo-gallery, Contact Us and Applications
    • Ensure successful pre-testing and smooth operation of the Project website
    • Ensure transfer of knowledge to Project staff on publication of content produced (articles, info, figures, phots and videos)
    • Ensure maintenance of the website for the duration of the contract


Start date & period of implementation

The intended start date is September 2022  and the period of implementation of the contract will be 5 months. The design and development of project website is intended to finish no later than 1 month after the start date of the contract. Maintenance of the website for all the duration of the contract.

Experience and qualification

The desired experience and qualifications:

Company Profile

  • Required service should be part of their competences and clearly stated in the official documents issued by the National Business Center - NBC (Qendra Kombetare e Biznesit - QKB).
  • Must have completed at least 3 years of experience on design and developing of websites.
  • Must have designed and developed at least 10 websites during last 2 years.



  • The company must have a minimum of 2 permanent staff currently work for the tender in the fields related to this contract.
  • Professional capacity of at least 2 staff members: 
  • 5 years of experience design and developing of websites


Contractual Arrangements

This call for expression of interest does not imply the obligation of Open Society Foundation for Albania to engage any service provider or to establish any contractual relationship between Open Society Foundation for Albania and them.

Only the successful candidates identified in this call will be subsequently invited to submit an official offer for the required service.

Submission of the documents

The deadline for submission of the documents is July 21, 2022 by 17:00.

Interested companies should submit the following documents to the e-mail address: Please indicate in the e-mail subject a specification about your application:  IPA 2019/AL/1 "EU 4 Inclusive Teaching"/CEI no.5 – Company Name

  • An expression of interest letter.
  • Historic extract from National Business Center - NBC (Qendra Kombetare e Biznesit - QKB).
  • Company profile including list of designed and developed websites
  • Legal entity file (format attached)
  • Europass CV of at least 2 staff members

You can download Call for Expression of Interest - "Design and development of EU 4 Inclusive Teaching project website" on this link and Legal entity on this link