Inclusive EduJobs - Call for Expressions of Interest

Call for Expressions of Interest for Trainers for School Psychologists and Social Workers

Location: Albania

Project: Inclusive EduJobs - Towards Context Relevant Policies and Services Enhancing Employability and Educational Outcomes of Roma and Egyptians in Albania

EU Grant Contract No.: IPA/2022/432-813

Call reference No.: IPA/2022/432-813/CEI no.8

Contracting Authority: Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA)


Project background

Inclusive EduJobs “Towards Context Relevant Policies and Services Enhancing Employability and Educational Outcomes of Roma and Egyptians in Albania” is a 3-year project implemented by the Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA) in partnership with the Municipality of Tirana and the Social Action and Innovation Centre (KMOP), funded by the European Union, under the IPA 2019 programme. The project purpose is to improve the inclusion of women and men, boys and girls from Roma and Egyptian communities in employment and education in Albania.

Inclusive EduJobs will promote employment and self-employment models, in a participatory way, by involving municipalities, principally Roma and Egyptian CSOs ensuring the necessary link to the existing government programs that support employment and self-employment. Furthermore, the project will contribute to an inclusive education model that improves the access to high quality online and blended education for Roma and Egyptian students, prevents dropout, and stimulates both school attendance and academic achievements.

Main objectives of the project:

  1. Increase employability and self-employment opportunities for Roma and Egyptian communities and narrow the employment gap through piloting and rapid testing of innovative models.
  2. Increase school enrolment and attendance rates, prevent drop-out and reduce functional illiteracy of Roma and Egyptian children
  3. Strengthen the capacities of the involved municipalities (Tirana Municipality, Shushica (Elbasan), and 3 municipalities engaged in the project by means of competitive selection) for collaborative designing and managing of the above employment and education schemes together with CSOs, and effective utilization of funds from central government.
  4. Enhance the role of seven Roma and Egyptian grassroots civil society organizations in action planning and policy advocacy at the local and central level to inform and validate public decision-making addressing Roma and Egyptian needs and constraints, with a particular focus on employment and education.

Purpose of this call

The purpose of this Call is to establish a qualified list of candidates that may be invited to participate in the procurement procedure or the provision of ‘training for school psychologists and social workers’ as part of the Inclusive EduJobs project.

The “Inclusive EduJobs” project will adopt a new scholarship model/ financial incentive scheme that develops Roma and Egyptian students' ambition for educational achievement in line with their potential and incentivizes both attendance and academic achievements. The scholarship scheme, which is being piloted in Tirana Municipality for the first phase of the project, will be also replicated in three other municipalities, Shkodra, Elbasan and Vlora and continued for a second round in Tirana.

School psychologists and social workers in the schools where scholarship recipients are enrolled, will receive tailored training in order to support effectively these students and prevent dropouts.

Objectives of the assignment and scope of work

The trainer will support psychologists and social workers in the schools where Roma and Egyptian students will receive scholarships, in order to provide psychosocial support to these students to improve school achievements and prevent dropouts. The expert will work under the supervision of the Project Manager, to whom he/she will directly report with regards to the implementation of the tasks will be engaged for a total of 12 working days for both pilot and replication phase.

Trainer’s responsibilities and duties:

  1. Design and develop a training curriculum tailored to the needs of school psychologists and social workers working with Roma and Egyptian students.
  2. Cultivate basic psychological counseling skills for school psychologists and social workers focusing on cultural sensibility;
  3. Offer guidance on applying development psychology principles tailored to the age and needs of the students, emphasizing the profound impact of psychological development on both academic performance and overall well-being.
  4. Train psychologists and social workers in conducting initial assessments to identify potential psychological and social issues affecting Roma and Egyptians students.
  5. Conduct engaging and interactive training sessions for school psychologists and social workers.
  6. Equip school psychologists with effective counseling techniques to address the socio-emotional needs of Roma and Egyptian students.
  7. Provide strategies for creating a supportive and inclusive school environment.
  8. Foster collaboration between school psychologists, social workers, and teachers to create an inclusive support system for students.
  9. Establish and maintain connections with government agencies, NGOs and community organizations working on school dropout issues.
  10. Develop mechanisms for reporting and addressing culturally related issues affecting school dropouts.
  11. Equip psychologists with strategies and skills for building trust, confidentiality and therapeutic relationships with students.

Required qualifications and experiences

  • Master’s degree in one of the following fields: psychology education, pedagogy, other relevant social sciences; Master's in School Psychology will be considered an advantage;
  • Academic experience as a professor or instructor in school psychology programs;
  • At least 5 years of psychology teaching experience;
  • At least 3 years of professional experience in school psychology;
  • Previous working experience with Roma and Egyptian students and youngsters.


  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to effectively convey psychological concepts to school psychologists, social workers, R/E students and parents;
  • Proven ability to collaborate with school psychologists, social workers, parents to address the psychological and educational needs of students.

How to apply:

Please email your CV and a short letter (1 page) to Please specify in the e-mail subject a specification about your application:
Inclusive EduJobs - Call for Expressions of Interest for trainer for school psychologists and social workers –Name Surname

The selection committee will make a pre-selection on the basis of the qualifications and the professional experience described in the CV and Expression of Interest letter.

Inclusion on the list of experts entails no obligation on the part of the Open Society Foundation for Albania (Contracting Authority) to engage any expert or establish any contractual relationship with them. Only the successful candidates identified in this call will be subsequently invited to submit an official offer for the required expertise.

The deadline for submission of the expressions of interests is January 24, 2024, by 17:00.


Open Society Foundation for Albania embraces diversity and inclusion in its hiring, welcoming individuals of all religions, ethnicity, gender, and orientation to apply.