Inclusive EduJobs - Open Call for Proposals

Replication Phase Two: Replication Phase 2: Sub-grants to support: Blended Education for Roma and Egyptians in Tirana Municipality

Location: Albania
Project: Inclusive EduJobs - Towards Context Relevant Policies and Services Enhancing Employability and Educational Outcomes of Roma and Egyptians in Albania
EU Grant Contract No.: IPA/2022/432-813
Reference No.:  EuropeAid/170610/DD/ ACT
Contracting Authority: Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA)

The Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA), in cooperation with the Social Action and Innovation Centre (KMOP) and the Municipality of Tirana (MoT) is implementing the three-year project titled: “Inclusive EduJobs - Towards Context Relevant Policies and Services Enhancing Employability and Educational Outcomes of Roma and Egyptians in Albania”. This project is funded by the European Union under the IPA 2019 Programme, reference: EuropeAid/170610/DD/ACT/AL.
The aim of the project is to improve the inclusion of women and men, boys and girls from Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania by strengthening the capacities of the municipalities to establish and deliver inclusive services to citizens in the area of employment and education. The implementation of the first phase of the project is taking place in the Tirana municipality, where six employment and educational intervention models are being piloted through sub-granting schemes. 
In the area of education, the project purpose is to promote an inclusive education model that improves the access to high quality online and blended education for Roma and Egyptian students, prevents dropouts and stimulates both school attendance and academic achievements. Furthermore, the project will contribute by increasing school enrolment and attendance rates, preventing drop-out and functional illiteracy of Roma and Egyptian children, by increasing access to online/blended education and scholarship programs for compulsory education in 4 municipalities. The project’s educational intervention models involve two educational sub granting schemes which are being implemented in Tirana municipality: Blended Education and Scholarships. 
The first phase of the Blended Education sub-granting scheme is being implemented in Tirana municipality, where two CSOs have received subgrants to support compulsory education for Roma and Egyptian students, by improving learning environment through ICT infrastructure upgrade and better access to Blended Education for 6 public schools in Tirana: 

  1. Pal Ëngjëlli
  2. Bajram Curri
  3. Ramazan Jarani
  4. Androkli Kostallari
  5. Gjon Buzuku
  6. Yzberisht

The second phase of the Blended Education sub-granting scheme for Tirana municipality will be implemented in the same 6 public schools of compulsory education that are under implementation for phase 1, expanding the activities initiated during the pilot phase in Tirana, focusing on the educational inclusion of Roma and Egyptian students. The students from the Roma and Egyptian communities who participated in blended/online learning programs during the first phase of sub granting in Tirana will continue their involvement in the second phase. 

The main objectives of the project related to the Blended Education schemes in the second phase are: 
•              The promotion of online (after school learning) and Blended Learning Programs at 6 local public schools in Tirana + 9 local public schools in three other municipalities, working in collaboration with CSOs that promote the blended learning approach. 
•              Improve educational inclusion and educational achievements of Roma and Egyptian children and students by means of new educational approach (Blended Learning and Digital Education). Provide support to local public schools in Tirana, Shkodra, Elbasan and Vlora to upgrade their ICT infrastructure. The existing ICT infrastructure investment will be used in the classroom as well as for after-school activities to boost the R/E educational achievements. School community will also upgrade their digital competencies to be capable to effectively use technology to improve educational outcome of pupils, particularly Roma and Egyptians. 
For the purpose of this call, these objectives will be achieved through the implementation of sub-granting schemes (financial support to third parties) to two beneficiary CSOs collaborating with 6 beforementioned public schools in Tirana municipality. Each applicant CSO should choose 3 from the beforementioned public schools to implement their proposed action.

The application package including the “Guidelines for Applicants” and related information on the requirements and the application procedure is available in this publication.

Through the sub-grant scheme, the project will finance medium-sized projects, according to relevant thematic fields.

Open Call for Proposals 06

Sub-Grants to CSOs to support compulsory education for Roma and Egyptian students in Tirana to improve the access and utilization of high quality online and blended education for Roma and Egyptian students.

The deadline for the submission of applications is April 02, 2024 at 17.00 local hrs. Applications must be submitted only in hard copy, following the instructions provided in the guidelines for application. Applications submitted electronically via email will not be accepted.

INFO SESSION NOTICE: On March 11, 2023, 11:00 AM, OSFA will organise an information session which will be held online on this link:

Please download the Guidelines with instructions for this call and annexes:

Guidelines for sub-granting application 
Annex 1: Application Form
Annex 2: Budget Form
Annex 3: Logical Framework Form
Annex 4: Declaration by the Lead applicant
Annex 5: Mandate by the Co-applicant
Annex 6: Declaration in Honour
Annex 7: Check List