Inclusive EduJobs - Restricted Call for Proposals

Replication Phase 2: Sub-grants to support Social Enterprise Development in the municipality of Shkodra

The Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA), in cooperation with the the Social Action and Innovation Centre (Kentro Merimnas Oikogeneias kai Pai Diou (KMOP) and the Municipality of Tirana (MoT) is implementing the three-year project titled: “Inclusive EduJobs - Towards Context Relevant Policies and Services Enhancing Employability and Educational Outcomes of Roma and Egyptians in Albania”.

This project is funded by the EU under the IPA 2019 Programme, reference EuropeAid/170610/DD/ ACT.

The purpose of the project is to improve the inclusion of women and men, boys and girls from Roma and Egyptian communities in Albania by strengthening municipal and CSOs capacities to establish and deliver inclusive services to citizens in the area of employment and inclusive education, by fostering self-employment/employments schemes, social businesses and online education access for Roma and Egyptian children/students at the local level. This project will issue grants to municipalities and CSOs focusing on employment and education of Roma and Egyptians.

The implementation of the first phase of the project is taking place in the Tirana Municipality, where 6 employment and educational intervention models are being piloted through sub-granting schemes. Regarding the first phase of the Social Enterprise sub-granting scheme in Tirana, three CSOs have received subgrants to enhance their capacity in developing sustainable social enterprises that employ Roma and Egyptians. For the second phase of the project these models will be field-tested, refined and replicated at local government level across Albania in 3 new municipalities: Vlora, Shkodra and Elbasan.

The sub granting scheme for Social Enterprise development in the municipality of Shkodra aims to support local civil society organisations in establishing community based and integrated services in the area of social services, inclusive for Roma and Egyptians. This call for proposal refers to the second phase of the project, in which OSFA will provide 1 grant to a CSO that will develop a Social Enterprise in the Municipality of Shkodra.

The objective of this call for proposal is to increase the capacity of CSOs to develop social enterprises to ensure Roma and Egyptians employment, apply for the “Social Enterprise” status and gain access to the Social Enterprise Support Fund granted by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection to support their Roma and Egyptians inclusive social businesses. CSOs will be supported to develop viable and effective social enterprises which will provide employment for Roma and Egyptians with an emphasis on women and girls.

The social enterprises will be a space in which beneficiaries will develop relevant skills for the labour market, improve family incomes and potentially be an income generation mechanism for the CSOs to fund social activities prioritized from the community.

The sub granting scheme for supporting Social Enterprise development through the provision of community based and inclusive social services shall coordinate with the Social Enterprise Support Fund, established by the Ministry of Health and Social Protection.

The application package including the “Guidelines for Applicants” and related information on the requirements and the application procedure are available in this publication.

The call will remain open for a one month period until February 01, 2024.


Maximum amount contribution: 30 000 EUR

Concept note for sub-grants to support CSOs to establish Social Enterprises that employ Roma and Egyptians in the municipality of Shkodra.


The deadline for the submission of concept notes is February 01, 2024.

This sub-grant scheme is dedicated to local civil society organizations that are registered and operate in Albania. Each of the applicant CSOs is called to apply with a project proposal that targets Shkodra Municipality.

INFO_SESSION NOTICE: On January 15, 2024, the Contracting Authority (OSFA) will organize a 1-day info session in Tirana for potential grant applicants to inform them about the Call and to provide guidance on developing successful grant proposals. The info session will be held online at 12:00 PM through the following link: 

Please download the Guidelines with instructions for this call and Annexes:

  • Guidelines for sub-granting application
   Phase 1 Concept note: 
  • Annex 1:    Application Form Concept Note
  • Annex 2:    Declaration by the Lead applicant
  • Annex 3:    Mandate by the Co-applicant
  • Annex 4:    Declaration in Honour
  • Annex 5:    Check List
   Phase 2 Full Application:
  • Annex 6:    Application Form Full Application
  • Annex 7:    Budget Form Full Application
  • Annex 8:    Logical Framework Form Full Application